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Our beginnings


“I am fortunate and honored to continue this practice in union with God who is really in the lead. I feel a calling to not only practice a skill set that makes a clear difference in helping individuals and families express their higher desires, but to reach various multi-cultural groups who have not benefited from this great service.” 

                                                  Deborah Newman, ED. S  BCBA

The founder began this journey as a special education teacher with the expectation of making great changes in the lives of her students.  Her teaching experience spans fifteen years which included a large urban school district, suburban districts and a charter school.  

She was attracted to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for it utilized the same principles taught in special education, but the application in her experience made all the difference.  Actually, many principles in special education are derived from the disciple of experimental analysis of behavior which is the foundation of ABA.   ABA is research-based and data driven.  

Premier ABA Consulting LLC operates on the foundation of applied behavior analysis (ABA).